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Coursing Terms To Know

Houndmaster/houndmistress: (aka huntmaster/huntmistress) This is the person at an event who is in charge of setting up the course (or overseeing the luremaster/luremistress setting up the course), checking the participating hounds for soundness, and filing a report with the appropriate superior. Sometimes, this individual has the difficult task of canceling coursing due to severe weather or other adverse conditions, or advising that a hound is not sound and cannot run; safety must come first. In some kingdoms, like Meridies, coursing falls under guild status in the realm of arts and sciences; in other kingdoms, it falls under the office of the marshallate. Please check your kingdom's specific rules for further information. Currently in Meridies, to be a Kingdom Houndmaster or Houndmistress, you must have own at least one coursing hound (but the dog doesn't have to be a sighthound). Houndmaster or houndmistress can also simply refer to the owner of a coursing hound.

Fewterer (aka Handler): This term refers to someone who is handling and releasing a hound to run. In Meridies, one must 18 years old to release a hound. However, for younger persons who are interested in helping, there are many opportunities to lend a hand, with adult supervision. The age limit is meant as a safety measure to protect both young persons and hounds alike.

Luremaster/luremistress: This may be the same person as the houndmaster/houndmistress or another individual. For example, I served as a luremistress with Mistress Rebecca as Kingdom Houndmistress while I was in training. The luremaster or luremistress sets up the course and runs the engine and lure at a speed appropriate for the hound who is running. (It's harder than it looks!) He or she is also encouraged to introduce each hound and his/her fewterer, much like a field herald introduces the fighters in a tournament. Under supervision of the event's houndmaster/houndmistress, the luremasterr/luremistress should also check each hound's vet record. A WRITTEN CERTIFICATION OF RABIES VACCINATION IS REQUIRED. A "rabies tag" is insufficient; the paperwork from the vet must be present.

Queen's Sport : Hound coursing is known as the queen's sport, and if She so desires, it is customary to offer Her Majesty (or any queen present) the honor of releasing the first hound during a coursing event.

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