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Name: THL Peryn Rose Whytehorse (Anne Nicholls)
Group: Barony of the South Downs
Personal Info:  Kingdom Houndsmistress.  Fewterer

Hounds: Gio, Italian Greyhound.  Luna, Italian Greyhound.
Hounds Info: Giovanni il Rosso (Marchwind Tonka Toy, AKC) - Gio has not coursed yet. Catle Wars 2006 will be his first try. b.d. 6/05. 13 lbs. 15 3/8 in.

Marchwind Bellaluna Capriola, AKC - Luna will course at Castle Wars 2006 for the first time. She is not fully grown yet and cannot run as fast as Gio, but at 19 wks weighs the same. She still has some growing to do. b.d. 4/06. 13 lbs. 13 1/4 in.

Both IGs jog/trot 1.5 miles, 2 xs per day with us and run in a fenced in baseball field about once a week. We have found this the most effective way to keep their feet on the ground instead of levitating with excess energy.
Contact Information:
Name: Maistreas Derbail inghean Conchobar (Dee McKinney)
Group: Shire of Drakenmere
Personal Info:  I began by taking a course on the history of greyhounds at Gulf Wars XIII, where I met Rebecca and her delightful greyhound, Pedo. I soon adopted my own greyhound, Lori, and began training as a luremaster. Likewise, I've done research on the history of sighthounds, particularly in early period. I've run courses at Border Raids, Coronation, Castle Wars, and Harvest Home, and assisted with hounds at Gulf Wars. I learn something new and important every time I set up and run a course, and I am always seeking to improve my skills.

Hound: Lori
Hound Info: Greyhound
Contact Information:  You can email me at

Name: Duchess Deirdre O'Tierghnan (Deedee Blackard)
Personal Info:  Student of Hound Coursing.

Hounds: Jesse and Bailey
Hounds Info: Australian Shepherd and Sheltie
Contact Information:   or 770-918-6967. No calls after 10 pm EST

Name: Lord Liam O'Shea (Bill Kenton)
Personal Info:  I have been coursing for over a year.  I am a member of the Midrealm Coursing Guild, Founder of the Mildrealm Hunt Guild and owner of the Medieval Sportsman's Compendium of Knowledge webpage.

Hound: Chester
Hound Info: 5-year old rescued Italian Greyhound
Contact Information:  or 513-729-0063

Name: Iarlles Aeruin ni hEarain O'Chonemara (Pat Pierce)
Personal Info: Rookie fewterer, Luremistress assistant, education ad safety consultant, canine obedience instructor, maker of "racing silks" and collars.

Hound: Nitestar's ABump Inthe Night CGC ASCA/AKC CD - "Spooky"
Hound Info: Black tricolor Australian Shepherd - training for Competitive Obedience, Tracking, Search and Rescue, Therapy Dog, Herding, Agility, and co-presenter of Canine Safety Program for Kids.  Spooky is currently rated in the Top Ten Novice Obedience Aussies in the USA and was invited to compete in the 2006 Nationals Obedience Finals Competition this coming September.  Will do *anything* for a tennis ball!

Australian Shepherds are not traditional Coursing breeds, nor are they period - having been developed in the USA by the middle of the 1800's to work cattle on the long cattle drives from Canada to Texas. However, they have phenomenal endurance even in extreme heat and cold weather, and can run for hours at a time when working. This offers a fewterer a small advantage, in that Aussies can very safely run many more than just three races - though not nearly with the speed seen in the sighthounds. However, they quickly learn where the "corners" might be on a course, and often use their herding instincts to anticipate, cut corners, and head off the lure - skills which would come in handy to keep a wandering ewe with her flock.

As a small aside, Spooky's own coloration makes him Meridian through and through - being mostly black, with a full white collar, blaze and chin, all four feet and belly, with small amounts of copper - but no tail!

Contact Information:

Name: Fionnuala inghean Domhnall (Debi Riepe)
Personal Info:  Novice hound courser
Hounds: Great Danes: Titan, Tara, Gumbo
Hound Infos:
Contact Information:  or 256-683-4478

Name: Lady Birna de Gordoun (Barbara Gagnon)
Personal Info:  Novice hound courser
Hound: Maggie
Hound Info:
Contact Information: 

Name: Lord Cynwrig Cynydd (Paul W. Cundiff)
Personal Info:  Many years ago I was at Rendezvous at the Bridge and spent the weekend with 8 greyhounds and I was hooked. Two months later I had my first hound Tasha, then I thought she was lonely and I got Jake, then Vinnie came along. And there were three, I was so happy, boy were they a trio when the three were on the field at the same time. I was a handler for a few years, them became a Luremaster, then a Houndmaster and was Southern Indiana Regional Houndmaster for several years and today I was recently appointed as The Middle Kingdom Coursing Guild Houndmaster.

Hounds: Amos the Stubtail, AOP, Vinnie the Mook, AOP
Hounds Info: Amos is a big fawn boy of 9 years and hits the course with a vengence, Vinnie a chocolate IG of 11 years does course  when he's in the mood to be cute. Vinnie was the first IG in the Middle Kingdom to course. Many years ago I was at Rendezvous at the Bridge and spent the weekend with 8 greyhounds and I was hooked, two months later I had my first hound Tasha, then I thought she was lonely and I got Jake, then Vinnie came along. and there were three, We were so happy, boy  were they a trio when the three were on the field at the same time. Tasha who I lost to Osteosarcoma, Jake who I lost to old age, I thought  my world had come to an end, and now they await at the Rainbow Bridge with all the other great hounds from all the known  Kingdoms that have made the jouney to the land of the spirit wind. Both had  thier AOP's. Then the opportunity came for me to get Amos as a big brother to Vinnie.

Contact Information:  or 812-475-9622 (please , no calls after 10pm Evansville, Indiana time)

Name: THL Catrin Skynith (Linda T Popdan)
Group: Meridies at Large
Personal Info:  Former Houndsmaster of Meridies
Hounds: Too numerous to list all.... Carlten: First Hound of Meridies, his consort Twlight and 'Abe' have all crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I now have a 12 year old that I recently adopted Jenny Lind, a grey as all my hounds are.

Hounds Info: My Pack's name is 'the Unicorn Pack'
Contact Information:  home 256-739-6911; cell 256-347-8059

Name: Lady Iosobal inghean Alasdair (Tammy Breckenridge)
Personal Info:  I have released hounds at AKC and ASFA events
Hounds: AMF Rock Bass aka Bass
Hounds Info: I adopted Bass in the fall of 2004. He is a 5 year old retired racing greyhound that raced in a total of 86 races in 2 years time (winning 9 and placing in the money in 75) at Ebro Greyhound track in Ebro, Fl. Since retirement he has learned all the necessary skills of being a pampered house dog ie the middle of the bed is the best spot, gulping all the water in the water bowl then spitting it back up into mom's shoes, and of course only running for fun, not for your life!

Contact Information:  or 706-614-4462

Name: Lady Madelena da Firenze (Victoria Ruhl)
Group: Barony of the South Downs
Personal Info: Novice hound courser

Hounds: Liam - Lurcher (Greyhound x sighthound, working dog)
Hounds Info: Liam was a wedding present 4 years ago from my cousins in England who breed, show and course Lurchers. He is very "talkative" and likes to roo. He has never lure coursed, but wreaks havoc with the squirrels in the yard.

Contact Information: 

Name: Lady Sabia ingen Elidor and Sir Cona MacPherson
(Rebecca Carrel Bowles and Brian Cooper )
Group: Sol Haven
Personal Info:  Novice hound courser
Hounds: Lacie/ Grayhound
Hounds Info: 5-yr-old female, came to us in the middle of the country as we were moving in to new house.  She's not registered to anyone in the Southeastern Grayhound Society,( so we decided to keep her!  YAY!!! ) but she has tattoos.

Contact Information: You can email us at and or (706)476-2260

Name: Hlaford  Iohann se pipere (John Byron Boyd)
Group: Shire of Glaedenfeld
Personal Info:  I became interested in coursing after I joined the Society in August of 1998. At first I released hounds, but because of my interest in maintaining the history of Meridies, THL Catrin Skynith (who was then the Houndmaster) asked me to become the Chronicler during GWXI (March of 2002) and I have held this office continuously.
Hounds Info:
Contact Information:  and via phone at (615) 495-0003. 713 Shadowlawn Court, Franklin, TN 37069-4312.

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