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Meridian Coursing Guild Information

SCA coursing is non-competitive, and unless there is a restriction from the site where the event is held, all breeds are welcome to try coursing. For those unfamiliar with the SCA, it is a volunteer organization. Members who participate in coursing all try to lend a hand with setting up and taking down courses, with fund raising, and with promoting the program in any way possible according to their time, skills, and ability. We do not charge fees for coursing events or practices because the vast majority of SCA folks who course already give generously of their time and money to support the program.

Rebuilding the coursing program has required much work—not only with the new machine, but also with raising funds, promoting coursing through classes, and doing public relations with this website, business cards, guild displays, and so on. Thanks go to our web master, Muriel ingen Gille-Crist, and many others, including: THL Peryn and Lord Rhydderch, Lady Isobail, Ron and Lady Madelena, Lady Nuala, Sir Cona, and Sir Aedward.

This webpage also has a copy of draft one of the " The Meridian Coursing Handbook ”. Draft two will be available shortly, as we have implemented some changes in guild policy and procedure. Please read over this document carefully before making plans to course in Meridies. I highly recommend that any folks interested in coursing also read the Compleat Anachronist volume on hounds and coursing, which is available from the main SCA website under Publications.

New initiatives: THL Peryn is working on: 1) putting members in contact with a trainer for hound certification as canine good citizens, and 2) finding ways to include hounds more at events, particularly indoors. Iarlles Aeruin is working on putting together a junior and novice fewterer program to get youth involved in coursing. Lady Nuala is working on new hound coats, which may be available with personalized arms. If you are interested in working on these initiatives, please contact these good ladies.

I highly recommend that any folks interested in coursing also read the Compleat Anachronist volume on hounds and coursing, which is available from the main SCA website under Publications.

Please keep checking this webpage, as we'll add more announcements and information about coursing as our program grows. Thank you all for your support of the hounds!

Coursing in Meridies
For more information, please see the Calendar of Events and Terms To Know

What is hound coursing? In the Middle Ages, sighthounds were a category of dog bred to “sight” and chase down prey. Probably the best known sighthound is the greyhound; sighthounds also include Irish wolfhounds, borzoi, whippets, and Scottish deerhounds. However, in the Current Middle Ages, we do not use live prey, but rather a lure (usually a shopping bag!) Simply put, we set up a circle of pulleys in a gently sloping circle and with the aid of an engine-driven coursing machine, run a rope (aka line) with the attached plastic bag around the circle. The hound chases the bag, and what a fantastic spectacle to watch a dog run for the sheer joy of it. We let the hound “shake” the bag at the end as a reward. Spectators cheering for the dogs is highly encouraged—they really do appreciate it!

In Meridies, all healthy hounds are welcome to course, regardless of breed. The greyhound and Italian greyhound are the most common coursers I've seen, but don't let that stop you! If you would like to let your hound attempt coursing, I will be happy to assist you.

If you are interested in coursing out of kingdom, please be sure to check with the houndmaster or houndmistress of the event to see if there are specific breed or other requirements for participation.

In Meridies, one must 18 years old to release a hound. However, for younger persons who are interested in helping, there are many opportunities to lend a hand, with adult supervision. The age limit is meant as a safety measure to protect both young persons and hounds alike.

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