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Welcome to the Homepage of the Meridian Coursing Guild!

I am THL Peryn Rose Whytehorse, the new Kingdom Houndmistress. What that means is that it's my job to oversee and promote the medieval sport of coursing within our Kingdom and the SCA at large.

SCA coursing is non-competitive, and unless there is a restriction from the site where the event is held, all breeds are welcome to try coursing. For those unfamiliar with the SCA, it is a volunteer organization. Members who participate in coursing all try to lend a hand with setting up and taking down courses, with fund raising, and with promoting the program in any way possible according to their time, skills, and ability. We do not charge fees for coursing events or practices because the vast majority of SCA folks who course already give generously of their time and money to support the program.

New initiatives: I am working on: 1) putting members in contact with a trainer for hound certification as canine good citizens, and 2) finding ways to include hounds more at events, particularly indoors. Iarlles Aeruin is working on putting together a junior and novice fewterer program to get youth involved in coursing.

Thank you all for your support of the Meridian hounds!

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Upcoming Coursing Events:
Castle Wars 2007
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Fool's War 2008 (tenative)

Download the updated Meridian Hound Coursing Handbook here:

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This page is not an official document of the SCA or the Kingdom of Meridies, and does not delineate SCA Policy.

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